How Much Is A Taxi From Perth Airport To The City?

Choosing between a standard taxi and local transport options often becomes a primary concern for travelers grading to Perth City from the airport. From local transport options like buses or shuttles to pre-booked cabs and taxis, options are countless. But the decision of choosing a transport option depends on factors like budget, convenience, and personal preferences. Let’s break down the pros and cons of each option in terms of price.

Airport Taxi Services 


  • Direct and convenient door-to-door service.
  • Faster travel time compared to some other options.
  • No need for transfers or waiting at stations.


  • Generally higher cost compared to some public transportation options.
  • Airport surcharge may apply, adding to the overall fare.
  • Charge for waiting time.

Price Estimate

  • Initial Flag Fall: $4.20
  • Per-Kilometer Charge: $2.17
  • Waiting Time Fee: $0.74 per minute
  • Airport Surcharge: Around $3.60

Pro tip: The total cost will depend on the distance traveled and the time spent in the taxi.

Local Transport (e.g., Bus or Shuttle) 


  • Often more budget-friendly compared to taxis.
  • Predictable pricing with fixed fares or ticket prices.
  • Airport shuttles may have dedicated stops at major hotels. But buses do not offer stops near hotels.


  • Longer travel time, especially if multiple stops are involved.
  • Less flexibility in terms of drop-off locations.

Price Estimate

  • Public buses and shuttles typically have fixed fares ranging from $4 to $15, depending on the service.

Additional Consideration

Airport Shuttle services may offer shared rides, reducing costs for individual travelers.

What makes Perth City Maxi Cabs a better alternative?

Perth City Maxi Cabs arrives as the most trusted options for travelers looking for comfortable  rides and that too without breaking their banks. For airport transfers, Perth City Maxi Cabs offer larger vehicles than other providers. As a result, they are capable of accommodating more passengers, making them a popular choice for group travel. Here are the pros and cons of using Perth City Maxi Cabs, along with the reasons why people may choose this service: 


  1. Group Travel: One of the primary advantages of Perth City Maxi Cabs is their ability to accommodate larger groups. These spacious vehicles are ideal for families, friends, or business groups traveling together.
  1. Convenience: Perth City Maxi cabs provide a convenient and comfortable transportation option, particularly for those with bulky luggage or special requirements. The extra space ensures a more relaxed journey. The company offers additional baby seats for the little one in your family. Also, it is wheelchair enabled and you can avail this facility upon request.
  1. Direct Service: Similar to regular taxis, Perth City Maxi Cabs  offer door-to-door service, providing passengers with the convenience of being dropped off at their specific destination without the need for transfers.
  1. Fixed Fare: Some maxi cab services, including Perth City Maxi Cabs, may offer fixed fares for certain routes or group sizes. This can be beneficial for budgeting purposes, providing passengers with cost predictability. You do not need to pay any airport surcharge, which usually you have to pay for normal airport taxis.  Also, there’s no waiting charge for the Perth City Maxi Cabs. All you need to pay is the price settled in the package and there’s no hidden cost involved.
  1. Airport Transfers: Perth City Maxi cabs are often chosen for airport transfers, especially when multiple passengers are traveling with luggage. The spacious interior can comfortably accommodate both passengers and their belongings.
  1. Professional Drivers: Perth City Maxi Cab services typically employ professional and experienced drivers who are familiar with the local area, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey for passengers.

Reasons Why People Choose Perth City Maxi Cabs:

  1. Group Size: The primary reason individuals choose Perth City Maxi Cabs is the ability to comfortably accommodate larger groups, making it a practical choice for family outings, events, or business trips.
  1. Luggage Capacity: Travelers with multiple bags or bulky luggage often opt for maxi cabs as they provide ample space to transport belongings without compromising on passenger comfort.
  1. Fixed Fares: If Perth City Maxi Cabs offer fixed fares for specific routes or group sizes, passengers may choose this service for the transparency and predictability in pricing.
  1. Special Occasions: Maxi cabs are often chosen for special occasions such as weddings, parties, or group outings, where the focus is on traveling together in a convenient and cohesive manner.
  1. Comfort and Space: Passengers looking for a more comfortable and spacious ride, particularly for longer journeys, may choose Perth City Maxi Cabs for the added legroom and overall comfort.

Perth City Maxi Cab Charges

For longer journeys from the airport, we typically charge a reasonable $3.50 per kilometer rate. For shorter distances, such as from Perth Airport to the Perth City, our fares range between $65 and $85, with the variation dependent on the chosen vehicle size. Additionally, it’s worth noting that our service goes beyond the norm, offering enhanced facilities compared to standard taxi options.

While our fares might initially appear on the higher side, it’s important to consider the exceptional comfort and convenience we provide, making our rates competitively justified. Our pricing aligns with industry standards for private airport transfers, ensuring a fair and consistent approach. Upon submitting a booking request, the final and exact price will be confirmed in the email confirmation message.

Perth City Maxi Cabs is your Ultimate Travel Companion!

When inquiring about pricing, be sure to consider factors such as additional charges, surcharges (if any), fixed rates for popular routes, and any special pricing for group travel.

If cost is a primary concern and you’re comfortable with a slightly longer travel time, opting for local transport like buses or shuttles can be a cost-effective choice. Public transportation services often provide a good balance between affordability and convenience.

However, if convenience and a faster journey are top priorities, and you’re willing to pay a competitive price, opt for Perth City Maxi Cabs over anything else. Remember, with this company, you no longer need to pay any extra after paying off what’s mentioned in the package.

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