How much do you charge?

We have very competitive rates, on par with all other private airport transfers. When you fill in a booking request, we will confirm the final and exact price in the email confirmation message. We roughly charge $3.50 per kilometre rate for longer journeys from the Airport. For shorter journeys, for example from Perth Airport to the Perth City, we charge between $65-$85 depending on vehicle size.

We are travelling with small kids. Can you supply a baby seat?

Answer – Yes, we can supply you a free baby seat. We have the right anchor points and we can supply you forward face or rearward face baby seat

Do you charge any extra when picking up from Perth airport if we are not there on time?

Answer – Good news is we don’t charge any extra even if we have to wait 2 hours let’s say for your pick up. As we fully understand you have no control how long it takes to get out from Perth airport

What size vehicles do you have

Answer – All sizes including normal sedans , station wagons , 7 to 10 seater mini vans and 13 seater almost brand new Toyota Hiace vans. We have spent over $ 7,000 after buying our 10 and 13 seater Toyota Hiace vehicle to alter the seating positions and now we can fold all our seats and we can just fit any amount of luggage including push bikes or mountain bikes, surfboards, and lots of luggage.

Do you cover all areas of Perth?

Yes, we can cover all areas of Perth and we can do your pick up and drop off anywhere in Western Australia.

Do you work 24 hours?

Answer – Yes, we are available 24 hours for your hospitality

We are travelling with a Push Bikes or big surfboards can you fit in your van?

Yes, we can one hundred percent fit all your bikes, surfboards and any amount of luggage plus all passengers.

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